Chie Tsang LEE is a Malaysian composer who is greatly influenced by his cultural/educational background. His current work is concerned with exploring and re-framing interdisciplinary perspectives related to hybrid oral traditions found in East Malaysia to provoke new possibilities for sounds, spaces and creativity in his compositional work. His music evokes the notion of energy as flowing movement and significant colour bringing together Asian performance aesthetics, western contemporary classical approaches as well as aspects of indigenous East-Malaysian (Kadazandusun) ritual forms.

Chie Tsang received his diploma in music from the SEGi College at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he studied music composition with Tan Chin Ho. He completed his Bachelor of Music at the University of Western Australia under the supervision of Professor Roger Smalley, Yitzhak Yedid and Dr Christopher Tonkin. As a young composer, he has participated in international events such as ‘Forme Uniche della Continuita nello Spazio International Composition’ (Australia), Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival (Malaysia), Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival (Indonesia), Beethoven Club Composition Contest and workshop (United States), Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (U.K). Moreover, he is a member of The Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers (SMCC).

Chie Tsang has received numerous awards including the 2nd prize of the Beethoven Club Composition Contest 2008 (U.S.A), 2nd prize of the “Sibelius Composer Awards 2008” in Sydney, Australia. He was one of the finalists of the Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival (young Composers Competition 09), ‘Forme Uniche della Continuita nello Spazio International Composition Competition’, and one of the winners for Chamber music in the ‘TMC International Composition Competition 2011’ (Taiwan). He has collaborated with performers such as Jean Penny, Tang Sook Kuan, Adam Bowles, Dirk Amrein, Jürg Hennegerge, Bridget Carey, Chong Kee Xin Anna, Annabel Eliza Tiu, Ensemble Mosaik, Discord Workshop, Ensemble Offspring, Asian Contemporary Ensemble and his music has been performed in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Albania.

In 2009, he received a full scholarship from the Goethe Institute to participate at the ‘Darmstadt International Summer Course 2010’, receiving instruction from Brian Ferneyhough, Liza Lim, and Manos Tsangaris. He was appointed as a full-time music tutor at the University of Malaysia Sabah (UMS) in 2010. The following year, Chie Tsang received a full scholarship from University of Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and completed his Master of Arts by research (with distinction) in 2012 at the Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM) at the University of Huddersfield supervised by Professor Liza Lim and Dr Bryn Harrison. He is currently a full-time student supported by UMS and the Malaysian government studying for a PhD in music composition supervised by Professor Liza Lim and Dr. Aaron Cassidy.

Upcoming projects include a Gu Qin solo for Ng Teck Hing; a voice solo; Gu Zheng Solo and an ensemble work for western and eastern instruments with contemporary dancer(s).

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